School Staff



Catherine Zahra


Multi-Âge Kindergarten

Catherine Séguin

14-81Pr FT-00001

Cycle 1 and Resource

Crystal Rattai

14-81Pr FT-00004

Cycle 2, Social Studies, Art and Early Intervention

Catherine Barnard

14-81Pr FT-00007


Cycle 2 & 3 French

Sophie Bass


Cycle 3 and Science

Richard Williams

14-81Pr FT-00009

Physical Education, Cycle 1 French and ERC

Rachel Hostetler

14-81Pr FT-00003


Support Staff

School Secretary

Victoria Loach

13-74Pr MT-00005

Special Education Technician

Maryse Richard

14-81Pr FT-00006

Handicapped Student Assistant

Georgia Angelopoulos

14-81Pr FT-00008


Michael Whittier


Noon-hour Supervisor

Carol Chute-Smith


Bus Drivers

Ross Drew

Art Laberee

Barry Wellman



Claire Beaubien



Office hours

8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.